Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's been TOO long!

Here's the updates!


Rylan is such an amazing kid. I took him to a pulse reader and they told me that he runs hot. Which is true, it means that not only is his temperature a little hotter than most peoples, but he actually has a temper to match. he can get so mad so fast, but the amazing thing is that even at 3 he is learning how to control it and how to take his frustration and use it in a way that will help him.

He finally learned his colors. i thought maybe he was color blind but the doctor did a test and he can see just fine, and now he knows all of them. Rylan is such a perfectionist and always has been, he has a mind for figuring things out, its so interesting to watch. For the longest time he always counted to 13, he never learned to count to ten, he learned to count to 13, now he counts to 50. I have to tell him what come next when he hit 30 or 40 etc, but the fact he caught on to that pattern is pretty exciting.

He loves anything Jayden loves, which right now is bay blades. Never heard of them? Its OK I hadnt either. They are basically like glorified tops that "battle" each other. But even Rylan knows all the names of the bay blades and which one is which.

My favorite thing about him is when I put him to bed he likes to lay on his tummy and wants me to tuck him in tight and then tells me to give him a big huge hug and a big huge tickle pop kiss. So I hug him and bury my head in him when he says huge he's not kidding. Then I tickle his back with my chin and give him a big kiss on his cheek with a big pop sound at the end. Then he always says We will do it again tomorrow mom. Im going to close my eyes and not cry,

He is such a creature of habit. He learned to swim with a life jacket this summer, and even though he was scared at first he was so proud of himself when he could do it alone. Like all kids he wants to choose and do things himself. he loves going to friends houses OH and he is potty trained! He still has some accidents maybe once a week, usually after nursery when hes drinking water for like an hour straight! :)

Rylan loves to color and is learning how to write real letters, hearts, shapes and numbers. I bought him a little preschool activity book and he is so good at following the instructions when I work on them with him.


Ah TyTy! Its ridiculous how easy this child can bring a smile to my face. He is so cute and so talkative. He has been talking for awhile now, but he is SO good at having conversations. The other day I asked him where his banana was (he calls them banunemas) I was sitting on the floor and he came right up to me and then thought about it for a minute and then said..."Its gone" and then opened up his mouth so I could see it was indeed gone!

He can count to 20 just missing like 16 and 18 I think. He also loves whatever the big boys are doing, but also enjoys movies, among his favorites are Barbie Island Princess, Cars and the baby movies. Oh and letter factory. He knows all his letter names and most their sounds.

He goes to bed so good. Sometimes when I tell him its time for bed he says "nooo" like any normal kid. One time I said "its time" and so now he always just says "its time mommy?" I say "yep" and that all it takes.

He is learning his boundries for sure. He sometimes gets toys and tried to throw them at little babies. He uses the poor kids for target practice. But whenever he finds out he did something wrong he is always the first to say sorry. Also if someone gets hurt he is always there asking "are you OK?"

The other funny thing is sometimes when I tell him not to do soemthing he will say something like this lets pretend I say "ty dont hit you brother with your shoes. he says "oh dont hit my brother with my shoes? Oh OK" As if that thought hadnt occured to him yet but now it makes perfect sense! And then he stops!

All about Ashlyn!!

Ah my sweet baby girl that is no longer a baby girl. She will be 8 soon!

So yesterday I got the feeling like I should take her on a date. Her and I have been butting heads a bit as we are both working on some of the same weaknesses. She is my little mirror for sure, so when I see things about her that annoy me about myself, I start working on them, and so it usually collides with things Im trying to help her improve as well. Tone of voice for one! Anyways, so we have been talking about getting our ears pierced together for awhile, (mine were pierced but I didnt like the placement so I let them grow in). So last night we did it. We bother got our ears pierced. She went back and forth from being brave to scared. In the end she did it and we got to have a good talk about the importance of being brave, and about not playing the victim role. She wanted to complain about how much it hurt, so we talked about it and now she tells the story more of a heres what I am strong enough to go through rather than a poor me story. The lady did it wrong the first time and had it sticking out the side her her ear! But it's all fine, and she is stronger and better for it!!
ASHLYNS cute little butterflies...


Jayden is in first grade! He is so smart and good at school. He's just such a little Josh all wrapped up in a cute little boy! He loves anything fun. He loves video games, and computer, and bayblades, and friends. He is also learning to control his temper and to go to bed good at night, and I can see a huge difference. He is my little man.

He can read like no bodies business, although he HATES to color and doesn't like writing.

One thing about Jayden is that he has taught me the most about myself and parenting than anyone else. Every epiphany I have comes straight from Jayden. Now I can see why he was sent to my family to teach me about life and eternal truths. I am so greatful for that!
OK now about me.....I have been working like crazy behind the scenes. I'm sure no one around me except for Josh maybe has any idea of the intensity of learning, growing, and working I have been putting in. My life is forever transformed and I am thrilled with my journey thus far and am excited to continue!! Im sure if anyone from the outside were to watch my life, as a mother especially they would notice no great change. It's still the same day to day activities. The only thing that has changed is me on the inside. The way I feel and think and see and experience the world is different and will continue to be different and I am so greatful that Heavenly Father has seen fit to allow me to take this journey.

All about JOSH!

Well Josh has been battling with Menieres disease for almost 3 years now although it been about 2 since he has found out what it is. He just recently learned that his medicine was making him sicker and was hit by a new wave of sickness. We dont know if it is progressing or just is going to hit in waves, but since he cant take his medicine as much and the diet isnt helping, we will just have to see. My family had a fast for him, and I know we but he especially felt the power of it. Even my 7 year old niece fasted for him, like for real, and bore her testimony to the power of the love she felt for him and everyone through her fast, and that she knew he would be OK.

Through all of this, what he has been going through and the things I have been doing in my life I have felt this enormous power and love from God, guiding us, protecting us, and pushing us on. I have been grateful to the power of the priesthood through blessings, the temple, and church callings. i have felt the power of prayer, or revelation and of the Holy Ghost continuing to whisper truths in my life, and have felt the peace that comes as I follow those promptings even if I don't know why, or what good it will do.

So that is our life as of recently!!!


Jen said...

Cute post! It's fun to get to know your kids this way. Thanks for the update!

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